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Unlock Your Artistic Journey with Choros Charas Membership!

Embark on a transformative journey into the world of dance and arts with Choros Charas. Our membership subscription is your key to a vibrant community, enriching programs, and a plethora of exclusive benefits.

Why Choose Choros Charas Membership:

Access to Diverse Programs: As a member, you gain exclusive access to our diverse range of programs, including classes, workshops, and performances across various art forms.

Priority Enrollment: Enjoy the privilege of securing your spot in our sought-after classes and events before they open to the public.

Special Events and Performances: Immerse yourself in the magic of special events and performances curated exclusively for our members, featuring both emerging talents and seasoned artists.

Community Connection: Connect with like-minded individuals passionate about the arts. Our members form a supportive community, fostering collaboration and shared artistic endeavors.

Discounts and Promotions: Avail yourself of member-only discounts on classes, merchandise, and selected events, making your artistic journey not just enriching but also cost-effective.

Becoming a Choros Charas member is a simple step toward unlocking a world of artistic possibilities.

At Choros Charas, we believe that art has the power to transform lives. Join our community of artists, enthusiasts, and dreamers, and let your artistic journey flourish. Subscribe to Choros Charas Membership TODAY!

Become a Member Today

Platinum Member


**Annual Subscription

  • Exclusive Access: Platinum members enjoy VIP access to all Choros Charas programs, classes, and events, ensuring priority enrollment and premium seating at performances.

  • Personalized Mentorship: Receive personalized mentorship from our experienced instructors and artists, guiding you on your artistic journey with tailored advice and insights.

  • Complimentary Workshops: Enjoy complimentary access to special workshops, masterclasses, and behind-the-scenes sessions, providing an in-depth exploration of various art forms.

  • Invitations to VIP Events: Be an integral part of exclusive VIP events, receptions, and meet-and-greets with renowned artists, fostering connections within the artistic community.

  • Customized Merchandise: Receive specially designed Choros Charas merchandise, showcasing your Platinum membership status and commitment to the arts.

  • Discounts on Additional Services: Avail yourself of additional services such as private lessons and choreography consultations at a discounted rate.

Gold Member


**Annual Subscription

  • Priority Access: Gold members enjoy early access to program enrollment, securing spots before general registration opens.

  • Access to Members-Only Events: Attend members-only events, including special rehearsals, Q&A sessions with artists, and exclusive previews of upcoming performances.

  • Discounted Workshops: Benefit from discounted rates on select workshops and masterclasses, expanding your artistic skill set with cost-effective opportunities.

  • Recognition in Programs: Your Gold membership will be acknowledged in the programs of Choros Charas events, recognizing your valued support for the arts.

  • Special Merchandise Offers: Enjoy exclusive offers on Choros Charas merchandise, allowing you to proudly display your commitment to the arts.

Silver Member


**Annual Subscription

  • Early Notification: Silver members receive early notification of upcoming events, ensuring you stay informed and have the chance to plan your attendance in advance.

  • Discounted Classes: Benefit from discounted rates on regular classes, making quality arts education more accessible.

  • Members-Only Newsletter: Stay connected with a members-only newsletter, featuring behind-the-scenes insights, artist highlights, and exclusive content.

  • Priority Seating: Enjoy priority seating at Choros Charas performances, ensuring you have a prime view of the artistic brilliance on stage.

  • Discounts on Merchandise: Receive discounts on Choros Charas merchandise, letting you showcase your support for the arts in style.





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