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Choros Charas - Destination for Arts as the name means it is a happy place and we love to work with individuals on various disciplines. However, we do not have an opening position currently. Please leave us a message if you would like to reach us. 

Thank you!

On-Site Interns

Locations: San Francisco, Brentwood.

Internship opportunities at Choros Charas - Destination for Arts offer a diverse range of experiences in various fields. The areas for internships include:

1. Teaching Assistance:
   - Gain hands-on experience in assisting with arts education programs.
   - Work closely with instructors to support classroom acti
vities and student engagement.

2. Graphic Designing:
   - Develop and enhance graphic design skills by creating visual content for promotional materials and events.
   - Contribute to the visual identity of Choros Charas through creative design work.

3. Copywriting:
   - Hone writing skills by crafting compelling and effective copy for promotional materials, website content, and marketing campaigns.
   - Convey the artistic essence of Choros Charas through engaging and persuasive language.

4. Marketing and Sales:
   - Learn and apply marketing strategies to promote arts programs and events.
   - Gain experience in sales and outreach to attract a diverse audience to Choros Charas activities.

5. Program Coordination:
   - Assist in planning and coordinating various arts programs and events.
   - Learn the intricacies of organizing artistic activities and ensuring their smooth execution.

6. Stage Lighting:
   - Acquire hands-on experience in designing and managing stage lighting for performances.
   - Contribute to creating visually stunning and atmospheric stage setups.

7. Stage Decorations and Designs:
   - Explore the creative side of event planning by participating in stage decoration and design projects.
   - Contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of performances and events.

8. Classroom Coordination:
   - Support the coordination of classroom activities and ensure a conducive learning environment.
   - Learn about the administrative aspects of managing educational programs.

9. Web Designing and Website Management:

   - Contribute to the online presence of Choros Charas by working on web design projects and managing the organization's website.

Interns at Choros Charas can expect benefits such as:
   - Practical, real-world experience in their chosen field.
   - Exposure to the vibrant world of arts and culture.
   - Mentorship and guidance from experienced professionals.
   - Networking opportunities within the arts community.
   - Potential for skill development and resume enhancement.
   - Contribution to the growth and success of Choros Charas as a destination for arts.

Get in Touch via email with an updated resume and cover letter to or complete the form below.

Looking forward to working with you soon.

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