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Swathi Lakshmanan

Swathi Laskhmanan, Foundder and Artistic Director is a First generation artist in my family, we all had no clue what Thai a Thai or an arangetrams are for. My story starts way back 22 years ago. I grew up in a very typical orthodox Tambrahm Family where The grandpa does Nityakarmas 3 times a day, Grandma wouldn't let her touch or hug her until she finishes off her 3 hours of worship to the god. So, for all of us singing Carnatic music is a peppy thing. Every person in a tambrahm family knows signing or would have tried at least one time during their life and so did I. But I was different and did not find it interesting because I had to sit in one place. So I proposed to my parents that I want to learn Bharathanatyam. 


And finally, I convinced everyone at home, and met Guru Shri K Mohanan and Smt. Sunitha Mohanan - The Journey started right there. 


9 years of age - Started my first step in Bharathanatyam

10 years old - Started performing for various temple around Tamilnadu.

11 years - First time I performed at the RR Sabha and Mylapore Fine Arts

15 years - when i performed for the very first time at the Vani Mahal. 

21 years - I did my Arangetram, My biggest milestone.

22-25 years - I started traveling around the country as a proud dancer for my stage programs.

25 years - I quit my Fulltime Graphic designing profession  to becoming a Full-time Artist

26 years - when I made the biggest. move of my life to The US. Had to start everything from the scratch.

28 years - I started my own Company Choros Charas - Destination for Arts.  

29 years - earned a few prestigious awards from most renowned organizations in India.

                  Staged my first 2 productions "Ananya - The self"

30 years - 

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